When a car is washed, the last thing a car owner thinks about is cleaning the parts of the car that aren’t visible. Out of sight, and out of mind can inflict long-term damage to a car. Cleaning and maintaining a vehicle’s undercarriage is equally as vital as cleaning and maintaining the vehicle’s visible appearance. Dirt and grime from the road and other areas a driver may accumulate under a car over time. The drainage holes in an undercarriage might become blocked or constricted as a result of road debris. A car wash may reach spots that a car owner might not consider in order to maintain the vehicle clean in all of its nooks and crannies.

Rust can also be prevented by cleaning the undercarriage. When traveling on a rough road or gravel, rocks and other particles can scratch an undercarriage, exposing bare metal. When this metal is exposed to moisture, it is prone to rust. When a car goes through a professional car wash, the specialists can ensure that it is properly dried to avoid rust and other issues caused by excess moisture. Rust can cause a car to break down more quickly and decrease its resale value. When was the last time you took your car to the car wash? While many vehicle manufacturers and experts recommend a weekly car wash, it is a personal choice that is influenced by a number of factors, including:

  • Are you in an area where BIRDS leave messes on your car?
  • How much of “The Elements,” also known as heat, cold, sun, snow, salt, pollution, rain, and wind, has your car been exposed to?
  • Do you live in a construction zone or drive through one?
  • There is an endless army of insects and pests that fit your car in both rural and urban locations. Those minor collisions have a significant impact on the appearance of your vehicle.
  • Is your vehicle parked on the street? Perhaps in a driveway, on the street, or among the trees? All of these elements will wear down the paint finish on your car.
  • Is it possible that your vehicle is parked in a garage or under an awning?

A professional car wash is one of the most effective ways to clean portions of a vehicle that the owner cannot see. A thorough cleaning from top to bottom can provide peace of mind and extend the life of your car. With a performance-level wash, FlogApp’s exclusive car wash cleans and protects your vehicle like no other. To keep the top and bottom of a vehicle clean and protected, book your doorstep car wash now for only AED 28.